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Photo Sessions with Toddlers - Part 1

First off, I love family sessions with little people! Toddlers are full of excitement and raw emotion (some might call it volatile), but that energy and emotion can translate into some pretty amazing images. Photographing this age group is a challenge requiring negotiation skills, quick focus and shutter speed, and the ability to see a "moment" as it's unfolding. (Which is probably why you don't want to attempt family photos on an iphone with Uncle Herman as your photographer...😉)

8 Tips for Family Photos with Toddlers:


Simply put..."get the session booked and on the calendar." This may be the hardest step of them all! At this stage of life, kids literally change overnight. Time is such a thief! It's easy to get so busy that we let this stage of life slip away undocumented.

This beautiful family of four recently moved to New Smyrna Beach. Julie is a talented photographer who booked a sunrise family session for her family. Life has been crazy for, for real CRAZY, but she knows the importance of capturing this new beginning in their lives. (Follow her on instagram @julievickersphotography)


There's a reason that beaches and parks are so popular for photo sessions. They're beautiful...yes, but many of them are also safe, wide-open spaces for little people to run and play. No one wants to spend an entire session trying to keep a 2 year old off the road. Downtown areas are fine for photos with teens and adults, but kids should be able to play, run, and explore. This is another reason that I'm not a fan of studios for family photos. Trust me...after 5 minutes, those little people are done sitting still and smiling at the camera, and, guess what...that's perfectly fine!


I only give the option of booking a session during golden hour (sunset) and occasionally the sunrise hour. This is the most vibrant, flattering light with no harsh shadows, but this time frame can conflict with bedtime for some families. In the months when sunset is late (7:30-8:30), consider whether your child might do better getting up a little early for a sunrise session. So far, my experience has been very positive with kids at morning photo sessions!


Mama, you can look cute and be comfortable at the same time! Long dresses work perfectly and allow you to kneel and sit without worrying. Aim for neutral, complimentary colors and outfits that allow everyone to move freely without constant adjusting and tugging. If your toddler is in a dress, I suggest having bike shorts or leggings underneath. I've seen too many cute "walk and swing" shots ruined by bright toddler panties. Be sure shorts are not visible when standing and that the color is neutral or matches the outfit.

Interested in booking a family session? Clink the link below:


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