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Photo Sessions with Toddlers - Part 2

Don’t we all begin summer with a hopeful bucket list? The possibilities seem endless with all the "extra time" that I dream of turning into special memories with my kids. I'm not complaining, but somehow it's almost August. It's been a positive summer overall, but it wasn't full of extra time, that's for sure! is the overdue continuation of 8 Tips for Family Photos with Toddlers, featuring the beautiful Lugo family. We met at Gemini Springs Park in Debary, FL. They booked this Saturday morning sunrise session to capture family photos as well as document an adorable cake smash for their little girl.

In case you missed it, here's a link to Part 1:

8 Tips for Family Photos with Toddlers (cont.):


I'm not usually one for bribing kids. Not at all. In this case, however, think of it as a little motivation for them to cooperate just a smidge longer...the same way a Starbucks cold brew gets me through orchestra practice on those Sunday evenings when I'm just "done"...haha! Motivate with non-messy snacks such as mini marshmallows or gummies during the session, or, if the child is old enough, you can offer something special for afterwards!


Toddlers will NOT spend 30-45 minutes smiling at the camera. However, they WILL hug, run, give kisses, dance, twirl, explore, and play! I'll capture a few "smile at the camera" photos, but I won’t push for too many posed photos with a toddler. Instead, I'll prompt and direct while you interact and play. Remember this: If your child isn't having fun, you won't love the photos. Please don't show frustration with your child's level of's all totally normal...just smile and keep them happy!


This goes hand in hand with #3. Play with your kiddos! It's ok to forget the camera is there (actually...I 100% suggest doing this) and snuggle, kiss, tickle, dance, smell a flower, and just play! As a mom, I think the images of families interacting, playing, and loving each other are the best ever! These images will mean the most when your children are grown.


I know this is not an option for every family, but, if grandparents live nearby, ask them to come along and help! They are the best at getting babies to smile, playing peekaboo, singing silly songs and dancing behind the photographer. Grandparents know exactly what it takes to get genuine smiles and laughter. They’re amazing, and I welcome them at any session!

Interested in booking a family session? Check out the link below:

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